The Finest Fudge, The Best Flavours

The Di Sotto family has been making luxury fudge in the heart of Edinburgh’s historic Royal Mile for sixty years.

At the Fudge House, every chunk of fudge we sell is made by hand in the kitchens on the Royal Mile. We have nearly thirty tempting flavours to try, from classic vanilla to rich dark chocolate.

From day one, we have used only the finest ingredients available — fresh cream and butter, caramelised sugar and natural flavours. To this day, one of the shop’s best sellers is our mouth-watering Scottish butter tablet, just like Erena’s mother used to make.

Available in handy boxes, our fudge makes the ideal gift whatever the celebration, from wedding favours to Christmas stockings, and each year thousands of visitors take home a tasty souvenir of their visit to Scotland.

It’s a matter of taking pride in the product that you produce. We love what we do, and we love fudge.

Of course, when something tastes this good you really don't need a special occasion. Why not take the time to <a href=">explore our range of flavours, or even better, pop in to see us in the heart of Edinburgh's Old Town?