The Finest Fudge, The Best Flavours

Brothers Dominic and Armando started selling their hand made fudge from their shop on the Royal Mile in 1949.

In spite of rationing at the time, it wasn't long before their delicious fudge which was based on Dominic's wife's secret family recipe, became Edinburgh's favourite sweet treat.

When sugar rationing finally ended in 1953 they were able to increase production to meet the growing demand for their wonderful fudge. In the early 1960s Dominic agreed to take over the business so that Armando could concentrate on his blossoming career as a TV chef!

In the mid 1970s Dominic's daughter Erena fell in love with Raymond Di Sotto, a top ice-cream maker from London. The two were married and Raymond joined the family business, developing an exciting new range.

The Di Sotto brothers vowed to make the best fudge in Scotland and we think they've done just that.

Raymond and Erena's three sons, Giancarlo, Paolo and Ottavio were lucky enough to learn the secrets of making fudge at an early age, and today they play a key role in the family business.